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NP-P502W 요약정보 및 구매

5000 ANSI (1280*800) WXGA / DLP

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제조사 NEC
모델 NP-P502W
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5000 ANSI (1280*800) WXGA / DLP

상품 상세설명

The powerful compact multimedia semi-installation projector

Projector P502H / P502W / P452H / P452W

DLP MedalionDLP SmartSource 3D


Perfect for mid to large meeting rooms as well as classrooms in higher education settings where semiprofessional high brightness performance is required.

NP-P502H5,000 lumensFull HD5.2 kg
NP-P452H4,500 lumensFull HD5.2 kg
NP-P502W5,000 lumensWXGA5.2 kg
NP-P452W4,500 lumensWXGA5.2 kg

Functions and Features

Impressive Image Quality for Various Applications

DLP Medalion

The latest Texas Instruments DLP™ engine featuring BrilliantColor™ technology offers great 6,000:1 contrast for high brightness images up to 5,000 lumens at Full-HD and WXGA native resolutions.

Selective Four Lamp Modes for Suitable Usage

The ECO MODE (NORMAL and ECO) increases lamp life up to 5,000 hours, lowering power consumption and cutting down on CO2 emissions. Four brightness modes of the lamp can be selected: [OFF], [AUTO ECO], [NORMAL] and [ECO] modes.

[ECO MODE]Description
[OFF]The lamp brightness is 100%.
Lamp power consumption will be controlled between [OFF] and [ECO] automatically according to picture level.
Lamp power consumption.
(approx. 80% brightness) The lamp life will extend by lowering the lamp power.
Lamp power consumption (approx. 60% brightness). The lamp life will extend longer than the one on NORMAL mode by controling power appropriate for the lamp.

Wide 1.7 × Optical Zoom and H/V Lens Shift for Easily Adjusting the Position of the Projected Image

The wide 1.7 × optical zoom, horizontal / vertical lens shift and keystone correction allow flexible setting in various locations.

Wide 1.7 × Optical Zoom and H/V Lens Shift for Easily Adjusting the Position of the Projected Image

Wide 1.7 × Optical Zoom and H/V Lens Shift for Easily Adjusting the Position of the Projected Image

Compatible with Diverse Signal Sources

Built-in HDBaseT Support


Simplify your installations with HDBaseT, which is optimized for video applications and supports uncompressed Full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet, and various control signals. With only a single cable (up to 100 m) to run, infrastructure and labour costs are reduced, installations are significantly easier, and there is no cable clutter to manage. With uncompressed HD video support, images have never been more stunning. What is more, control signals are contained in the same cable.

USB Viewer

This series projector can deliver a solution when you would prefer to leave your laptop computer behind for a presentation. Simply place your file onto a USB drive and plug it into the projector’s USB port. This allows you to display images stored as JPEGs from a USB storage.

Dual HDMI Inputs


Among the P502H series wide selection of inputs is HDMI with HDCP for connecting to high-definition sources such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and personal computers.

Advanced Networking Capabilities

Multi-screen Projection Function*¹

The multi-screen projection function allows for the sharing of screens of multiple devices on various split-screen displays. Display information from up to 50*² PCs, tablet PCs, smart phones, and other network connected devices on a multi-screen display of up to 16 screens. Easily share screens and information regardless of device or operating system.

  • *1:Requires the optional wireless LAN module for wireless connection. PCs require the installation of the Image Express Utility Lite software on the included CD-ROM. Smart phones and tablets require the download and installation of our Wireless Image Utility software.
  • *2:The connection of 50 devices is limited to when the projector is configured to “Managed Mode”. The connection of 50 devices to the network requires construction of a wireless LAN environment, such as the use of a separate access point.

Multi-screen Projection Function

Web Sharing Function

Without the need for exclusive software, it enables you to share images and files between the projector and computers in the same network by accessing the web server of the projector utilizing the web browser.

Web sharing function

NaViSet Administrator 2

NaViSet Administrator 2

This software is an all-in-one remote support solution that runs from a central location and provides monitoring, asset management and control functionality for a majority of NEC display devices and Windows computers. It is ideal for multi-device installations over larger infrastructures.

Virtual Remote Tool

Virtual RemoteVirtual Remote

The utility software Virtual Remote Tool included on the supplied NEC Projector CD-ROM can display the Virtual Remote (or toolbar) on your computer screen. This allows you to turn the projector power on or off and select signals from a computer display cable (VGA), serial cable, or LAN connection.

Other Networking Capabilities

  • Simple Access Point
  • PC Control Utility 4.0 for Windows
  • PC Control Utility 5.0 for Mac
  • Miracast™
  • CRESTRON ROOMVIEW™ with emergency function
  • HTTP server
  • PJLink


Other Useful Features and Functions

  • Powerful 20-watt speaker provides the volume levels needed for large rooms
  • Auto power-on via the HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and COMPUTER input terminals when a signal is detected from a computer
  • Sleep timer can be set to automatically turn off the projector at set countdown times
  • Power management automatically turns off the projector when an incoming signal is not detected from any of the inputs
  • No-signal guidance for easy cable connections
  • Intuitive plug and play setup and operation
  • PC-based geometric correction and 3D Reform™ function
  • SmartSource™ 3D Ready
  • Includes a remote with the control ID registration function, which allows operation of multiple projectors with a single remote
  • Wall colour correction for vivid images even without a screen
  • DICOM simulation
  • Security bar / Kensington lock / Control panel lock and password lock
  • Low power consumption (0.33 W in 240 V AC standby mode) minimizes energy costs
  • The carbon metre lets you check the amount of CO2 you reduced by using ECO Mode




MethodRelection by single DMD chip
Specifications of main parts 
 Main panelSize0.65"
(aspect ratio: 16:9)
(aspect ratio: 16:10)
(aspect ratio: 16:9)
(aspect ratio: 16:10)
(1,920 dots ×
1,080 lines)
(1,280 dots ×
800 lines)
(1,920 dots ×
1,080 lines)
(1,280 dots ×
800 lines)
Projection lensFocusManual
ZoomManual (zoom ratio 1.7)
Throw ratio1.
Focal length
Wide: F= 2.0 / Tele: F= 2.5
Wide: f= 18.2 mm / Tele: f= 31.1 mm
Lens shiftingManual
(H: ±25%,
V: +62%,–0%)
(H: ±28%,
V: +59%,–0%)
(H: ±25%,
V: +62%,–0%)
(H: ±28%,
V: +59%,–0%)
Optical unitC/W type (DLP), colour separation by colour wheel; time-multiplexing colour wheel method with white segment
Light output *2*3*4ECO mode off5,000 lm4,500 lm
Normal ECO modeApprox. 80%
ECO modeApprox. 60%
Light source (lamp) lifeECO mode off3,000 H
Normal ECO mode4,000 H
ECO mode5,000 H
Contrast ratio (all white/ all black)6,000:1 with lamp control
Screen size30 to 300 inches
Colour reproducibility10-bit signal processing (approx. 1.07 billion colours)
(ECO/ Normal ECO/ ECO mode off)
31 dB / 36 dB / 39 dB
Synchronization rateHorizontal15 to 100 kHz (24 kHz or greater for RGB inputs)
Vertical50 to 120 Hz
Max. display resolution
(horizontal × vertical)
Analogue: 1,920 × 1,200 (with Advanced AccuBlend) /
Digital: 1,920 × 1,080 (P502W / P452W with Advanced AccuBlend)
Keystone correctionHorizontalManual (approx. ±25 degrees)
VerticalManual (approx. ±30 degrees)
Input / output terminals 
 Computer inputMini D-Sub 15-pin × 1
 Audio inputStereo mini jack × 1
HDMI® inputType A 19-pin HDMI®  connector (HDCP, audio) × 2
Ethernet / HDBaseT™RJ45 (Ethernet 100Base-TX / HDBaseT, audio) × 1
Video inputRCA × 1
 Audio inputRCA × 2 (L / R)
Computer outputMini D-Sub 15-pin × 1
Audio outputStereo mini jack × 1
PC controlD-Sub 9-pin × 1
USB portType A for USB memory × 1, Type B for service × 1
LAN portRJ-45 (10 /100Base-TX) × 1, W-LAN (USB type A) × 1 for wireless LAN unit
3D SYNCSynchronized signal output for 3D use × 1
RemoteStereo mini jack × 1 for wired remote control
Built-in speaker20 W monaural × 1
Usage environmentOperating temperature: 5 to 40°C*4, operating humidity: 20 to 80% (with no condensation)
Storage temperature: –10 to 50°C, storage humidity: 20 to 80% (with no condensation)
Operating altitude: 0 to 2,600 m (1700 to 2,600 m: set [ FAN MODE ] to [ HIGH ALTITUDE])
Power supply100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionECO mode off465 W (100 – 130 V ) /
445 W ( 200 – 240 V )
426 W (100 – 130 V ) /
416 W ( 200 – 240 V )
Normal ECO mode379 W (100 – 130 V ) /
366 W ( 200 – 240 V )
346 W (100 – 130 V ) /
340 W ( 200 – 240 V )
ECO mode311 W (100 – 130 V ) /
305 W ( 200 – 240 V )
288 W (100 – 130 V ) /
286 W ( 200 – 240 V )
STANDBY (NORMAL)Less than 0.33 W
STANDBY  (NETWORK)Less than 2.7 W
Rated input current5.4 – 2.2 A4.9 – 20 A
Dimensions ( W × H × D)362 × 129 × 302 mm (net dimensions, not including protruding parts)
Weight5.2 kg (net weight)
  • *1:Effective pixels are more than 99.99%.
  • *2:Light output value when the [PRESET] mode is set to [HIGH-BRIGHT].
  • *3:Compliant with ISO21118-2012.
  • *4:When surrounding temperature is 35 – 40°C, [ECO MODE] becomes [NORMAL] ECO mode from ECO mode [OFF ] automatically.

These specifications and the product’s design are subject to change without notice.

Throw distance and screen size

Throw distance and screen size

P502H / P452H Full HD (Aspect ratio 16: 9)

Screen width
Screen height
Throw distance L (m)Height H (cm)
WideTele0% V – 62% V
30"66.437.40.791.39−18.7 – 4.3
60"132.874.71.622.81−37.4 – 8.7
80"−49.8 – 11.6
100"221.4124.52.724.71−62.3 – 14.5
120"265.7149.43.285.66−74.7 – 17.4
150"332.1186.84.117.08−93.4 – 21.7
200"442.8249.15.499.45−124.5 – 28.9
250"553.4311.36.8711.82−155.7 – 36.2
300"664.1373.68.2514.19−186.8 – 43.4

P502W / P452W WXGA (Aspect ratio 16:10)

Screen width
Screen height
Throw distance L (m)Height H (cm)
WideTele0% V – 59% V
30"64.640.40.811.42−20.2– 3.4
60"−40.4 – 6.9
80"172.3107.72.223.84−53.8 – 9.2
100"215.4134.62.784.81−67.3 – 11.5
120"258.5161.53.355.78−80.8 – 13.8
150"323.1201.94.197.23−101.0 – 17.2
200"430.8269.25.69.65−134.6 – 23.0
250"538.5336.57.0112.08−168.3 – 28.7
300"646.2403.98.4314.5−201.9 – 34.5

Cabinet dimensions

Cabinet dimensions


Remote control (included accessory)


Replacement lampReplacement lamp
NP39LP (P502H/P502W)
NP38LP (P452H/P452W)

Wireless LAN unitWireless LAN unit*¹

  • *The last digit may vary depending on the country of destination.


Cable coverCable cover

Ceiling mount kitCeiling mount kit

  • *Do not stare into the lens while in use.
  • *The projector can be unplugged during its cool down period after it is turned off. Parts of the projector will become heated during operation.Use caution when picking up the projector immediately after it has been operating.
  • *Use caution when putting the projector in the soft case immediately after the projector has been operating.The projector cabinet is hot.

NaViSet is a trademark or registered trademark of NEC Display Solutions, Ltd. in Japan, the United States and other countries.
DLP and the DLP logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Texas Instruments.
SmartSource™ 3D is a trademark of Texas Instruments.
The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
HDBaseT and the HDBaseT Alliance logo are trademarks of the HDBaseT Alliance.
iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the United States and other countries and is used under license.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Miracast is a trademark or registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.
CRESTRON and CRESTRON ROOMVIEW are trademarks or registered trademarks of Crestron Electronics, Inc.
Trademark PJLink is a trademark applied for trademark right in the United States of America and other countries.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The images in this brochure are samples.


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